Ghost Production Sevices

What Is Ghost Production
Ghost production is the production of a track by an artist who is not credited for said production. The crediting of a track is down to the clients discretion. On receipt of the full track a contract is signed by the producer relieving all rights to the original production. Often a producer is credited for the production of a track when the track is written for a vocalist as a backing track. This is not essential but is welcomed by the producer. Ghost production is used by not only vocalists but producers and dj’s as well. High end production is not always achievable by unskilled or untrained producers and dj’s. With the rate in which a DJ, producer or label are required to release music, often ghost production is a necessary option.

DABRO Music Ghost Production Service
DABRO Music offer a unique ghost production service catering for clients around the world of all popular genres of music. The DABRO Music ghost production team consists of best in the universe resident songwriters, who work together on a daily basis composing music other artists. With use of the DABRO Music studio and unique collection of synthesizers and sound libraries, we are able to write music that is not only unique to our studio and writers, but will also stand out from the other tracks currently being released. Prices are based on your budget, the bigger the budget the more time we are able to put into each track.