Drum And Bass 3 ‘This pack is one of the best I’ve heard for a while. Raising the bar for current dnb sample packs. The bass samples in particular have been very well processed and sound huge


Hard EDM - Very well done complete pack of the harder sounds, without losing sight too much of the musical element. Interesting to see that this is being called “Hard EDM” as it mostly leans on DNB, but I guess it’s a nice introduction to that side of the electronic music spectrum 1f642.svg

Document One

Drum And Bass vol.3 - Big sounding d'n'b at its most aggressive. We love the vibe of the pack and have followed the labels sounds for some time now. They always deliver on great sounding synths and bass sounds, but whats really impressive is the time put into the feel of the grooves and the bonus feature of FX and vocal surprises. Really great for all styles of d'n'b despite having a slightly heavier edge.

EDM Boss: Round One - Nice sample pack.I think the title is misleading somewhat. Good twisted bass sounds and nice hard hitting drum hits. Particularly good for anyone producing Glitch hop, Dubstep or Neuro. Overall some really good content here!

Drum And Bass 2 - Possibly one of the best packs i’ve heard all year! this sample is heavy to the point that you must start making music straight away. The beats a pro sounding and very inspiring, whilst the basslines are well textured phat monsters in there own right!!! I love music elements and pads, the pack is one of which that keeps giving.

Vocal Bass Music - This sample pack is amazing! The thought and sounds design is brilliant and offers budding producers high level sounds straight out the box. The bass and musical elements are fantastic and give you exactly what weve expect from a DABRO music pack. The vocal side of this is also very high end with super sick sounding phrases and loops. Defo enough to keep you going for a while so deserves a big thumbs up from us!

Need For Mirrors

Melodic Drum And Bass Dabro flying the flag for d&b with a solid selection of loops and hits, there are also stem kits for those of you who want to just have a vibe instantly running. there are some great drum and bass loops, And look out for the guitar loops. I personal enjoyed the drum hits, its always good to keep adding and replacing your kit to give it a little shine.

Indie Electronic is a must have for those who cross genres and like to try new musical directions. The pack is heavy, laden with some amazing drum, bass guitar and music loops. Great for getting ideas down, the synth hit and midi folders are really helpful. Big love Dabro music.

Movie Soundtrack - pow this was unexpected, so much to work with, the quality is top notch, great cinematic atmosphere. All the loops are sitting at 140 bpm but just a huge array of drums top loops, music and bass. I found this very useful. This pack will start you off at the open credits and make your music wide screen.

Hip Hop One - Finally a pack that screams NFM golden age beats. Im a huge hiphop head and this pack suited me perfectly vintage vibes. you have 3 folders of loops, music bass and drums plus bass hits, drum, fx midid some great multi bass and synth stabs. Simple and to the point.


Drum And Bass vol.3 - Dabro Music's Drum & Bass series goes from strength to strength, with the 3rd instalment being their best yet. Tonnes of filthy squelchy bass noises and well produced drums throughout make this a must have for anyone wanting to create that techy neuro sound. An excellent pack throughout, can't wait to start using these samples in my tracks.

Drum And Bass 2 - Another great Drum & Bass sample pack from the guys / gals at DABRO Music. Choc'd full of the dirtiest of bass sounds, soaring pads and punchy drums, this pack is a welcome addition to my sound library. If you like your Drum & Bass on the heavier side of the spectrum, then you should definitely check out this pack.


Bass Music Lockdown - Produced by Dabro Music. this riotous 3.2GB library of loops (from 70-177bpm), hits, multis and MIDI files for Dnb, EDM and other ‘bass’ styles, represents great value, and impresses in terms of impact and stridency. The drum and top loops include a fair few ‘variation stes’, but still cover a lot of ground thanks to their sheer number, while the bass and music loops are supremely diverse and imaginative. The one-shots folders are much more than an afterthought, too, being packed with usable drums, FX, synths and basses.

Dom Kane

Dabro Music Drum And Bass

Drum And Bass vol.4 - This pack is exactly what I was looking for. There are some amazing drum beats in here and a wide variety of vibes too, so there's something for everyone. Throw in some proper mental basslines and you got yourself a winner! Excellent work, cheers!

The Clamps

Drum And Bass Vol.3 -"Heavy processed sounds from Dabro, def they know how to do massive sound design and punchy drum kits.
An ideal samplepack for beginner to confirmed producers, to push the boundaries of the Harder side of DNB!"


Vocal Bass Music - This pack is LIT! Totally in love with the demo track. Drum Loops and Synths/Basses are hot! This is very unique and fresh. well done guys! Can be used in many genres of Bass music from Trap and Bass House to DNB and even more. Gonna use it in my future tracks too.


Drum And Bass 3 - Probably the best volume from the Dabro’s D&B Collection so far. It contains either kits for starting a tune or separated sounds to embellish your productions. The drum parts are really good and on a higher level that what I'm expected to find in other sample packs. However don’t expect to produce some Deep Liquid with it, this pack is definitely designed for harder stuff.

Bass Music Carousel - Dabro is now a well-established brand in the Bass Music industry and it proves it once again with this sample pack. Always searching for offering the most heavyweight sounds, they strike back with 2Gb of extremely well crafted monster sounds meant to wreck the dance floor! Featuring tempo sync samples from 110 to 174 BPM, Bass Music Carrousel browses the full spectrum of Bass Music and does it very well!

Melodic Drum and Bass - Until then Dabro has used to deliver tough samples for heavyweight productions. For this time, this imprint explores the melodic side of Drum&Bass with this marvellous collection of clean ethereal sounds. Offering acoustic, organic and synthetic samples, this sample pack will certainly help you to reach higher musical fields.

Bassbin Twins

Advanced Trap - If you're seeking tightly-wound punchy source material this pack has it dialed in: short sharp hits including drums designed to push through, quirky melodic goodness and cutting edge bass design. The loops are as useful being mini construction set elements as they are food for further cutting and selecting with the bass loops sounding specifically unique mixing percussiveness and tangible moving low end. I love the focus and feel of this pack.

Lenny Dee

Drum And Bass Vol.2 - This is a savage sound pack for sure. Love all the great drum loops and heavy bass sounds included. Wicked section of SFX to drive parts in a build up or drop. It has some really nice breaks to bite into or just mangle up with other sounds in your tracks. This heavy hitter also is great for Hardcore and other fast paced electronic music no doubt. If you're looking for a super dope pack with extra bite, this one is for you.

EDMBOX by Mad Twinz - EDMBOX is a very creative sample collection featuring totally sick Beat Boxing. Unlike other packs this collection offers DNB, Dubstep and House producers a fierce selection of mouth breaks which can be used and mangled in these popular styles like never before. The tempo ranges are on point for each style,The patterns are really dope and offer tons of inspiration. I think this collection is a must have for modern producers looking for some fresh and creative samples to incorporate in remixes, production and just have fun. Beat Boxing is nothing new, but this pack kicks off in super modern way and cannot be over looked. The samples are a bit clicky, and very processed but should not pose any real problems in your next session or remix.

Celt Islam

Bass Music Lockdown - Absolute blinder! What an amazing package of the best sonic noize available to date! Drums are great Basslines sick!! synths totally dredd! this neat bag of goodies is ideal for so many genres!

Hard EDM by NAIS - Absolute smashing it this monster EDM package! Some hard edge sounds to blissful electronica! Bass and drums are sick and the synths are perfect!

Drum And Bass Vol.1 - Wicked producers package well armed with the best of the commercial side of Drum and Bass and ideal for any DnB artist or DJ! The Drums are a treat! and the basses are a real delight to play with. This is a perfect introduction for beginners in DnB production!

Trap - Dubstep Vol.1 - This is an amazing megga package of boombastic goodies! 808 Trap driven noize! perfect for you Trap Neuro Junglists! The Drums Synths and basses are sick! one of the best Trap packages out now! a Must have for you serious producers! Megga 10 out of 10!

Trap - Dubstep Vol.2 - Boom Trap Boom! That 808 driven sound just keeps on bouncing the joint! The drums are sick and the basses and synth a meggablast of a delight perfect for the Trap Junkies! Also ideal for newcomers to the 808 electronica dance scene.

EDM Boss: Round One - DABRO Music comes again with another kick ass EDM Maggablast! Yeah now this beast of a package kicks some ass! The basses are phat! Crisp drums and excellent rasping synths! An ideal treat for you electronica junkies! This is an ideal package for EDM beginners and pros alike! And makes a special treat for many a genre be it D'n'B, dubstep or dub driven mayhem! This is a must have package!

Chillstep - Chillstep by Loopmasters I totally adore this neat high quality Chilled dub package! The synths are perfect the bass loops a delight and the drums crisp ! This is a real treat for futurist dub producers and Djs! a total 10 out fo 10! This is a must get for the serious dub head!

Jason Nevins

Bass House Vol.3 - Very cool bass house from Dabro. Hard beats, deep and beefy bass and techy synths. If you're feeling hard and clubby- this is a great set. Everything is at 126 bpm. You get folders of full drum loops, kick & snare, top loops, bass loops, vox loops and music loops. Also bass, drum and synth hits. FX and vocal phrases. Synth loops feel on the 'trancy' side, while the bass loops are really hard and dirty and are really the stars of this pack. Nice job!

Bass House Vol.2 - Cool set from Dabro. The sounds are tech/ bass and hard as hell. Music loops are a mix of bassy synths and plucky tech sounds. The drums are nice, mix of straight house as well as breaks. You also get bass and synth hits and individual drum sounds. Having the midi is a big bonus as well. i actually like the 'kick x snare' folder of drum loops- really tight and punchy sounds. If youre looking for hard, clubby and bassy- this is a great set to go for.

Vintage Guitar Vol.1 - Love this set ! Great guitar sounds and perfectly recorded. These sound more like they were sampled from records (even though they were not...) Its a perfect mix of effects to give such authenticity to the sounds. You very original sounding material which is not your everyday stuff... Dont expect any specific or simple funk, disco or blues loops. What you can expect are amazing tones and riffs which you can mix and match to find your own sound. These sounds are either part of the basic foundation of what you are trying to achieve or the "icing on the cake" when you finished something but think it needs a little more.

Bass House Vol.1 - You get 3 great folders of sounds- bass, drums & melodies. In the drum loops folder its broken down to full loops,top loops and bonus loops. Everything has a bit of a classic house/ 90's house drum sound- which fits great with the bass sounds. There is TONS to choose from. The sounds are great quality. This is a simple sound- meaning you dont need tons of elements. To get the right vibe for this sound, you just need to do some cool edits. The sounds they give fit right in the pocket and sound fat & dirty !

Davide Carbone

Commercial Trap Vol.1 - Some of the bass and vocal loops are really cool. They stretch and pitch very well allowing use across loads of styles and allows mangling so the samples are unrecognisable. All has a very modern musical / funk feel which is how it is marketed so if you are into making trap and good at beats and bass but lacking some musical direction then I think this pack is great. I found it really useful for getting started on a track in Trap or Future Bass style and looking for some nice musical pitched vocal effects. Then taking inspirations from some of the matched b-lines - nice job guys!