Where the DAW Templates was gone


We have received a lot of emails with the question “where to buy your daw templates?”.

Since we have removed Content ID for all our music so you can use this in your video projects or your video game projects without having problems with copyright, trying to make a more comfortable experience for you. And we had to down all of our projects for Ableton, Logic Pro, Bitwig, Reaper and you have to thank for that all those who are violating our agreement and published/released under his own name our templates as an musical compositions without rights and without making any changes to the arrangement. Then we started to get complaints from our loyal customers that they have claims from youtube (content id) and have a number of other problems with copyright related with our music. Now when we find such peoples who illegally publish our music, we will put their names in our blog on the website, let’s all know who the f*cking thief now!

Perhaps we will create new templates/projects for sales, but considering how many bastards who steal our music and then sell as their own… we’re not ready now to go for it.

Thank you for your understanding.

P.S. if you have any ideas or know how to protect you and us from these filthy thieves, contact us.

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